Blog10 - Securing Data In The Work Place

Security breaches do happen even within organizations where security codes are the hardest to break.   How do you ensure that your most valuable data is 100% secure?

Make everyone accountable

Raising awareness about the dangers of laxity regarding data safety is a good measure.  However, holding everyone accountable seems more effective according to some surveys.  Try to create a system where staff can update, report, or caution others about the latest security breaches happening around the corporate scene.

server - Securing Data In The Work Place

Check your systems and processes for any lapses

Work hand in hand with every department to find out if there are any security gaps that might have gone unnoticed.  Involve every unit – marketing, sales, admin, finance, personnel, your IT Support Glasgow company, and others when scouting for lapses.  While you’re at it, make sure your communication lines are open and that the company is serious about it.

 Do a risk evaluation

One of the tops must dos is to be able to pinpoint your weaknesses. Also, be able to identify your most important assets. This alone will help you ward off threats to cyber security.

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