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Blog - 10 Ways To Improve Your Offices Work Environment

10 Ways To Improve Your Offices Work Environment

Your office is your home away from home or just your home if you have a big job on, so you’ll be spending a good portion of your day there and wouldn’t it be nice if your office actually helped promote a better working environment rather than hindered it? Sure, it would, you’re probably thinking but I don’t have thousands to spend on a luxury office, but you don’t need to.

Many big businesses have amazing offices that go far beyond what the average business today can offer. But you don’t need all those fancy extra-additions to create a great working environment, you just think you do.

Sure, having the budget of Google or Apple would help, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your office, in fact, you might not to spend any money at all. Because not every way you can improve your office can be done with material goods. So, let’s take a look at ten great ways you can create a better working environment in your office, shall we?

office - 10 Ways To Improve Your Offices Work Environment

Make Your Office Cosy

All to often is the plain minimalist office showcased and I always wonder why, an office should be comfortable of course that doesn’t mean it should be full of pictures of cushions but there’s got to be some leeway. Simply adding a few nice extra additions like fresh fruit at breaks or some artwork on the walls can make your office feel more comfortable and that will go a long way towards promoting a better working environment.

Get Your Hiring Right

This is important for all businesses but particularly smaller ones because you’ll be dealing with fewer people, so you need to make sure everyone is happy. This isn’t always easy in fact it rarely ever is but that’s why you should take your time, and this doesn’t end once you’ve made the hire either. You need to make sure they adjust to their working environment and feel comfortable.

Talk Regularly With Your Employees

Whether you run the whole business or just a small part of it it’s important that you aren’t disconnected from your team. Everyone as a different style of leadership and that’s fine but if you want a healthy work environment you should at least be recognisable to your employees, so get your face out there and talk to them every so often.

Natural Lighting Works Wonders

No one wants to work in a dank, dark office, do they? Natural light has been scientifically proven to help improve people’s mood, energy, and productivity so it will be beneficial to any office. Now, of course, this might not always be possible but if you have to use more artificial light then do it, it might not be as beneficial, but it will certainly help.

office2 - 10 Ways To Improve Your Offices Work Environment

Keep It Clean

A tidy office is a better office? OK, that might not be the best mantra but it’s true all the same if you want a productive and happy office then it needs to be kept clean and tidy. Sure, it may get messy on occasion, but you’ll need to do your best to manage the mess. So, make sure there are plenty of bins and air fresheners on hand as the last thing you want is having to call in a local pest control company such as Pest Control Company in Edinburgh

Plants Are Powerful 

Plants have a lot of beneficial properties and just like natural light they have been proven to work wonders in offices. They also help keep the air clean and can make people feel calmer and happier, they are certainly going to be beneficial in a busy office and can even help add a splash of colour to the place. The only thing you need to be mindful of is if any employees you have suffer from allergies.

Breaks Are Essential 

The working lunch as unfortunately become common for many people, some people even enjoy it but whether people have their lunch at their desk or not you should make sure your employees take regular breaks throughout the day.

Any office should have a break or staff room, so people can spend some time away from their computer screens. This will help them stretch their legs and reduce neck and back strain but will also help break up the day and give their eyes a rest as well.

So, make sure everyone is scheduled for breaks throughout the day you can either give everyone a fixed time or be a little more flexible about it, the important thing is people do have time to take their breaks.

office3 - 10 Ways To Improve Your Offices Work Environment

Praise Your Staff

If your team is doing really well or even if everything is just running smoothly make sure your team knows you’re happy with their performance. All too often office managers will fall into the trap of not bothering to praise their staff and just assuming they know they’re doing a good job.

But praise will certainly help promote a better office working environment so don’t be afraid to give some out. You could do this in person, send a quick email or make it a part of staff meetings there is no right or wrong way it really all depends on the situation.

Keep A Balanced Temperature

This could be really easy or really hard depending on your location, climate and the time of year! But keeping a balanced and cool temperature will really help promote a happier more productive office and make sure you have some heaters and fans ready for those really cold and really hot days.

Don’t Be Afraid To Remove Toxic Workers

This one is without a doubt the most difficult but it’s essential if you want a happy and productive office that you are confident enough to manage difficult situations and employees. I think every office manager will be faced with a difficult employee at some point in their career and it’s important that you act confidentially.

Toxic workers can come in all kinds, some people might not even realise they are upsetting other people, office gossip does have a nasty side to it after all. And dealing with a toxic worker or situation doesn’t always mean you need to fire somebody it’s often more complicated than that.

But you can’t let problems with employees carry on you need to know how to deal with them and act fast and while it’s a worst-case scenario you do need to be prepared to fire people. Ensuring a happy team is the best way to guarantee a happy office after all.

Blog2 1 - Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

There’s no denying that the job market is one that is very volatile. Sure, there are roles available, but these can be minimum. As such, many will look online to see if there are any opportunities that can help them build a career from the comfort of their own home. One of the more popular methods of making money online is those who undertake affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is for a person to make a referral to goods or services in return for a commission.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it can be done by anyone. There are many companies that are looking for budding marketers to promote their product or service, so it’s very rare there is a niche you can’t take advantage of.

Affiliate marketing will normally involve the running of a blog, but other methods can be used, such as social network pages. However, to be a success in affiliating marketing, there are some factors you need to consider.


Consider Your Areas of Expertise

Much of the success involved with affiliate marketing can be attributed to the knowledge the marketer has. When it comes to commission-based income, it can be tempting to opt for the most profitable. However, if we’re not fully knowledgeable, then we could be making much less. Looking at your expertise allows you to start promoting what you know. There’s nothing stopping you researching other avenues while you set up your first campaigns. For example, if you have family you may want to create a blog that provides reviews around some of the top products for family’s and children such as this blog which over reviews of the umbrella stroller maclaren

What Avenues You Will Use for Promotion

As noted, the most popular way of affiliate marketing, but this can also be used in tandem with other platforms, such as social media. In some instances, social media pages may be more popular than the website, so some may feel that this is most viable platform. Depending on what you’re marketing, the can be a series of platforms you can make use. And just because one doesn’t gain as much traction as the other, doesn’t mean a sale can’t be made.

It’s also worthwhile ensuring that the program you’re using allows for paid advertising. For example, if you’re using the free version of WordPress, then your options can be limited. However, opting for a self-install on your own server, you’re free to sculpt your content as you see fit.

Adhere the Rules and Regulations Set out By the Affiliate Company

When a company offers a service or product, it makes sense that there will be certain industries that they don’t want to be involved with. Such companies also want to ensure that the right kind of message is being portrayed when marketers are promoting their goods. As such, there will be instanced where a certain affiliate program will have terms and conditions attached. It’s important to adhere to these guidelines, otherwise you could find your partnership cut short.

affiliate - Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

If you read through the terms and conditions, and still have questions, then make sure you reach out to the company. In most instances, it’s only too happy to offer clarity to ensure that he correct procedures are being followed.


Sign Up for The First Program You Come Across

In our excitement to secure a role in affiliate marketing, it can be easy to be persuaded with the first offer that comes our way. However, research is vital to be deemed a success in affiliate marketing. Even if you have an understanding of the product you’re looking to promote, you should ensure that the affiliate partnership is realistic and fair.

Expect to Make a Fortune Overnight

When reading success stories related to affiliate marketing, it can be easy to become misguided in our expectations. Affiliate marketing can offer a series of rewards, but it can take a huge investment of time, and sometime finance.

It can be worthwhile looking at our goals and then looking at the process we’re looking to use to get there. A business plan can be a great of doing this. From here we can sure our expectations are realistic which in turn means we’re less dissuaded during more turbulent times.

Spam Your Affiliate Link

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you will often be issued with an affiliate link. This link will often be in the form of a web address that includes your affiliate link. While it can be tempting to promote the address in forum links and comments, it’s important that you do this in the right way.

If you’re offering a valuable answer with your link offered as a resource, then this is fine. However, just randomly posting the link will often make you seem unprofessional, and probably won’t get the attention you’re looking for in any event.

Focus Solely on Sales

Although there is need to generate a profit when dealing with affiliate marketing, it’s important to ensure that we’re presenting visitors with a hardcore sales pitch. While there is nothing wrong with offering content that outlines the benefits of a product or service, it still needs offer valuable content for the reader. Hitting them with a sales pitch as soon as they hit the website will only deter them for venturing any further.

While there are some considerations to make when affiliate marketing, if it’s carried out in the right way, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to carve a successful career out of it.

Blog3 - Lessons learned from the Equifax security breach

Lessons learned from the Equifax security breach

September 2017 saw one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the United States, Equifax, admit that they suffered a security breach, which went unnoticed for almost three months. During this period, over 143 million accounts had been violated, with hackers stealing identifiable information such as social security numbers and dates of birth. This kind of data breach is particularly damaging because the information stolen can be used for identity theft and other crimes.

When personal data is in the hands of the people that it actually affects, the consumers themselves, there is a lot that can be done to protect it and most people are actually very good at keeping private details, well, private. When it comes to service providers, we trust them to have the same level of diligence. Trouble with that is, hackers are unlikely to attack individuals when they know that service providers have a veritable treasure trove of data that is infinitely more valuable, meaning that they are far more likely to come under sustained attack.

Of course, none of that exonerates Equifax and nor should it. Companies of that size have not only have the means to implement the latest and greatest security measures, but they also have a legal and moral obligation to do exactly that and more.

I’m not talking and you can’t make me

What makes the matter even worse is the fact that Equifax is keeping schtum and not even attempting to communicate with its own customers with regards to the data breach. Whether or not you lay the blame squarely at the feet of the company, its lack of communication is simply unforgivable.

The whole affair highlights just how little control consumers have over their own data, and indeed their money, although not all companies are built in quite the same way as our reviews of best credit monitoring services of 2017 shows, some companies are just better at this than others and can actually be trusted – even in the wake of the Equifax debacle.

img1 - Lessons learned from the Equifax security breach

There is just no excuse for not addressing customer’s concern, especially when the situation is so bad that those same customers face the very real possibility of becoming victims of identity theft and all of the repercussions that come with that including, but in no way limited to:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Social Security Number Misuse
  • Passport fraud
  • Driver’s license number misuse
  • Change of address

Any one of these can have very serious consequences for the victim, so when the company that just had your sensitive information stolen is effectively refusing to communicate with their customers, those same customers have every right to be angry. It remains to be seen how this will affect Equifax in the future, but have no doubt their reputation has been very badly damaged, and it’s largely their own fault.

Effective communications systems seem to have been forgone too, although to be fair how is a single entity supposed to manage 143 million phone calls from customers all wanting to know the same thing? That being said, according to an Equifax chief executive ‘only’ around 15 million people tried to access the company website, in the wake of the attack.

Hacks highlight an uncomfortable truth

The security of our information is increasingly being placed in the hands of large corporations and we have no say in how it is used, stored or protected. Trust is a valuable commodity and it takes time to build it to the point where nobody questions it, or at least feel comfortable placing that trust in one company over another.

As consumers we have little choice but to place our trust in these corporations, but we do have the power of choice still and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. More trustworthy fish, as featured and reviewed elsewhere on AAACreditGuide.

There are steps that can be taken, as a consumer, in the event of something like this ever happening again and while it may already be too late for the customers of Equifax, it is worth noting for the future that you can protect yourself if you act quickly. Of course, the ability to react is wholly dependant on the company being forthcoming in the first place, which Equifax failed to do – the hack was reportedly discovered late July, but the company waited until September to say anything at all. It was a wait of a little over a week; plenty of time for the stolen data to be used and too late for customers to do anything about it.

If there is one lesson that companies need to learn from this mess, it’s that they need alert customers immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken, instead of waiting nearly two weeks.

hack - Lessons learned from the Equifax security breach

Protecting yourself in the event of data theft

There is one thing that customers can do, immediately, to stop anyone from using their details, in credit fraud at least.

Placing a freeze on your credit lines prevents anybody, even you until you authorise the agency or agencies to ‘unfreeze’ them, using your information to open new accounts anywhere and opening new lines of credit. Credit fraud is the major goal behind identity theft, so protecting yourself in this way, the very moment you know your details may have been compromised, is going to save you from some incredible headaches later on down the line.

Credit freeze is seen as something of a ‘nuclear’ option, akin to dropping a truck on an ant, but when it comes to protecting yourself against identity theft, until measures can be taken by the various agencies to protect or change details, then it is worth it.

It’s also worth remembering that no company can protect itself from a determined, skilled attack – not even government agencies are immune, which has been proven time and again. The way the company responds however, means everything. The customer must always take priority over the company trying to save itself from embarrassment. Something that Equifax has learned the hard way.

Blog4 - Affiliate marketing – an Easy Start-up?

Affiliate marketing – an Easy Start-up?

Affiliate marketing is one of the big buzzwords in marketing circles right now. It seems every e-commerce operator and dating site has a section dedicated to its “Affiliates” these days, as these types of businesses were amongst the first to recognise that they could drive a lot more traffic if they had legions of third parties out there helping them to sell their wares.

However, one of the other big growth areas in the Affiliate market has been the emergence as Affiliate marketing as one of the key growth channels for the online casino and gaming market. The market is worth over $100 billion globally so it’s no surprise that the operators want as much of this traffic as they can get.

Gaming – is it Global

Online Casinos and gaming is where the real growth is, and this area is tipped to soon overtake the real-world Casino market. However not all territories actively encourage or indeed allow online gaming. The USA for instance prohibits online gaming, as does China. More progressive countries and territories however are welcoming to the concept and the market in Europe, in particular is very buoyant.

af2 - Affiliate marketing – an Easy Start-up?

Is it for Everyone

In essence, if you have an audience of adults, then you have the potential to have a worthwhile affiliate site. Most iGaming operators, and by this we mean the operators of many Online Casino’s and online slots game sites, are very willing to sign up new affiliates. Often this will be on a Revenue-Share model whereby the Affiliate will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the players they have driven to the site. This can be extremely lucrative and many multimillion-dollar business have been built on the back of this strategy.

Some of the largest sites however have been criticised in the past for taking on affiliates, receiving the traffic and then deciding to abandon their affiliate partnership strategy once they get to a certain size – often at the cost of lost revenue and profit to the affiliate. In this regard, it is therefore worth partnering with small to medium sized casino site operators who have a long-term strategy for growth.

af1 - Affiliate marketing – an Easy Start-up?

An Operators viewpoint

We talked to Scott Manford, the CEO of Wizard Slots, one of Europe’s leading online casino operators: “We greatly value our affiliate partners; indeed, we view them as part of our team and a critical part of our overall marketing strategy. We make all of the marketing collateral we have available to the affiliates and make it as easy as possible for them to access this resource as well as being able to view, in real time, the results of the traffic they are driving and of course in turn, how much money they are making. We also ensure that we pay our affiliates strictly on time and often within a few days of the month end – as we realise they are often small businesses and need the cash-flow to help drive the traffic. So, anything we can do to help them also helps us. Many of our affiliates are smaller operations and some of the most successful are run by individuals who are active in particular market segments or are very good at SEO or whatever”

It’s clear then that many Casino site operators view the partnership with smaller affiliates as an important facet to their traffic acquisition and furthermore they see this as a way to get low cost visitors.

The Risk

Affiliate marketing looks like a fairly low risk opportunity for those with the right audience or reach. If you can drive traffic to a site via endorsement or a link or coupon then you can monetise that traffic. The beauty of this for both the casino operator and indeed the want-to-be affiliate is that there is very little cost in the evet it doesn’t work to plan. Whereas if the traffic is sticky and the revenue share deal is equitable then the affiliate can often make as much money, if not more, than the operator. To that extent its certainly worthy of further investigation, for those with a ready stream of traffic.

Blog5 - Craft a Quick Site and Optimize Every Area of Your Online Presence

Craft a Quick Site and Optimize Every Area of Your Online Presence

The overall experience of using your website is largely dependent upon your design and the ability to display your pages and page components quickly. No one wants to wait and attention spans are dwindling. By ensuring that your site is both intuitive and responsive, the risk of losing visitors is minimized while the impact and impression conveyed is one of lasting satisfaction, guaranteeing traffic well-into the future. There are certain aspects of design and configuration which any website speed optimization service needs to attend to. Here we have listed the most common WordPress site speed factors and how they affect your presence online. 

site2 - Craft a Quick Site and Optimize Every Area of Your Online Presence

Page Load Time & The Human Attention Span

The human attention span appears to be on a steady decrease. As the amount of influences and external stimuli increase, people are less and less likely to have their attention drawn to one thing for a prolonged period of time. In the year 2000, the average person had a twelve second attention span. Today it has been measured at just eight seconds, which is just one second lower than a goldfish. It is no wonder than the slightest delay in your page load time results in no less than a seven percent chance of a loss of conversion.  The faster your site, the better the overall user experience, if due to nothing more than keeping their attention.

Improve Your Page Load Time & Improve Your Conversions

Many studies confirm the correlation between page load time and conversion rate. A study of thirty-three retailers across the US showed that once page load time decreased from eight seconds to two seconds, there was a 74% increase in conversions. Given that the US has an average page load time for major retailers of 6.9 seconds, there is certainly ample room to capitalize on this fact. Good website speed optimization services will not only reduce your page load time by means of operations in the backend, but your on-page elements will also be streamlined and focussed towards upping your conversion rate.

Search Rankings and Page Load Time

WordPress site speed affects not only your page access time and the overall usability of your site, but it also impacts your search rankings. While your page load time does not currently have as greater effect on your rankings as other aspects of SEO, over the coming months it will begin to be factored in more and more. Google has been using your speed as a ranking factor since 2010, and since 2017 the speed of mobile pages has also been included in rankings.

site3 - Craft a Quick Site and Optimize Every Area of Your Online Presence

The Importance of Page Speed to Mobile Users

In many areas of the world, mobile users far outnumber desktop browsers. In countries such as Egypt, India and South Africa, more than 50% of browsers are mobile-only users, while in first-world countries the number of mobile users is projected to steadily rise to higher than there are conventional desktop browsers. Given the higher latency of mobile connections (on average), it is becoming increasingly important to optimize your site for a mobile audience. Speed becomes an integral factor in gaining and holding users.

The Effect of Page Load Time on Your Bounce Rate

Your WordPress site speed has a great effect on your bounce rate. Research undertaken by Google shows that when your page load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, there is a 32% higher chance of a bounce. From 1 second to 5 seconds, the chance of a user bouncing skyrockets to 90%. A completely under optimized site with a page load time of ten seconds has a bounce rate of 123%. It is therefore critical to employ website speed optimization service(s) to ensure that you aren’t losing visitors simply due to something as trivial as an optimization issue. Independent research confirms these numbers, with a leading web performance engineer at Google, Ilya Grigorik, determining that every second in page load time increases your bounce rate by a minimum of .65%. That alone is far too much and completely unnecessary.

How a Fast Page Load Time Improves Customer Retention

Successful ecommerce hinges on a fast, well-optimized framework to grant great customer retention rates and the delivery of well optimized, highly targeted ads. KISSmetrics has revealed some rather interesting statistics regarding shopping behaviour. Their research shows that 47% of all customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, while 40% of all customers will abandon your site completely if it takes more than three seconds to load. Poor page load time will deter 79% off all shoppers from returning to buy from the same site again, proving that your WordPress site speed is imperative to holding and growing a customer base.

Google’s Page Speed Reporting Tool – A Basic Analysis

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic tool which gives you a good indication of your state of optimization. Yet you can’t take your PageSpeed Insight score at face value, there are multiple factors to be considered which are not monitored and reported on in their entirety. One should of course begin by addressing the primary factors listed by Google’s invaluable tool, while other optimizations such as content caching, the use of a content delivery network (CDN), minimizing third-party content and lowering the amount of blocking requests are steps which only professionals and advanced end-users will begin to implement. 

WordPress Site Speed – Query Response Improvements

When you employ website speed optimization services, your site will undergo optimization of its database alongside many other adjustments. This in turn improves the responsiveness of queries on your site as well as decreasing page load time. Thanks to having less links cluttering your sitemap, search indexing services will be able to crawl you more efficiently. Your content will be found easier and have a better page rank.

site1 - Craft a Quick Site and Optimize Every Area of Your Online Presence

Enhance The Entire User Experience & Elevate Your Success

When you take the time to implement website speed optimization services, you are not only improving one aspect of your site, but rather enriching the entire user experience. Your WordPress site speed is the number one underlying factor behind building and growing a successful online presence. Countless research has been carried out which serves as a major advantage to anyone crafting the perfect site. Use the insights of others to structure your site as an asset to the online community, while sealing your own success at the same time.

Blog6 - How To Grow Your Company Online With SEO

How To Grow Your Company Online With SEO

With a record number of Google searches taking place, there’s never been a better time to go through all your SEO techniques and look for better ways on how you could improve them. Luckily, this is not such a complicated process. While most people think about creating new personal goals, you should know that it’s also important to make new business goals too!

Here, we will discuss some of the exciting and straightforward techniques to increase traffic to your website. Remember that a perfect SEO presence boosts your blog’s value, authority and ranking. So, which are some of the most attractive and beneficial methods?

We had a chat recently with Keep SEO Simple a leading Scotland SEO company and here’s some of their top tips for growing your business online.

Always Try To Add Value!

Yes, the term might sound simple, but it’s essential that you always generate fantastic content. It should also maintain its level of relevance for the readers and be ‘evergreen’ wherever possible. The crucial point to note here is that it’s not always about writing top quality content. Instead, engaging with your audience is the next essential pillar.

If you’re looking for easy tips to create more value for your content, take a look at some these methods below:

  • Go through your current content and most read topics
  • Get to know your audience to find the issues that affect them- and help to solve them
  • If you can expand your niche area, then go ahead! However, it should still be popular among your target audience.

Controlling The Whole Browsing Experience

User experience is crucial for Search Engine Optimization. In this case, it’s wise to test the manner in which it affects your readers. The user experience begins even before they visit your blog. In fact, 93% of online experience starts with a simple search.

seo1 - How To Grow Your Company Online With SEO

Here, some of the things you need to look at include:

  • Testing your website’s links and fixing the broken ones to reduce duplicate content or error pages
  • Your blog content should be attractive for both the search engines and users. Keep in mind that readability is an issue that needs close attention!
  • Navigation entails assisting the user in browsing through the website pages with ease. From the structure of the menu to that of the links within the text, even a slight detail may affect your user experience
  • The speed of the page is essential, so remember to test it regularly. Of course, your site is bound to get slower at one point or another. Things such as additional scripts and large images are the likely reasons for such an unpleasant occurrence for your users

The Power of Social Media

Google keeps telling the SEO community that social media has little impact when it comes to improving search rankings. Well, we continue proving Google wrong. Social media signals can increase your company’s website ranking with its clientele and other Search Engine Optimization marketers. So, how can you use the tools of social media to boost your SEO?

  • Produce SEO-friendly, high-quality content
  • Make use of tools such as Buzzsumo to get authority social media accounts in your field
  • Compliment their content, their brand, and ask if they could take a look at some of your latest projects. If they love it, then encourage them to pass it through to their audience
  • Ensure that in all their social media posts they put an explicit URL to your project
  • Quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to have a share from just five high-quality Twitter accounts than from over fifty poor-quality ones.

Neville Medhora, founder of is a massive fan of using social media to increase the number of people visiting your site. She says that “leveraging the power of social media makes your ranking soar!”

Visual Content Optimization

Nowadays, visual content is a famous blogging technique that can be used to supplement text. It might even go ahead and replace it but most importantly, it dramatically affects SEO. Learning how to use visual content is not challenging, and once you learn how to use it, it only takes some minutes to increase the ranking of your site.

Here are some few tips to put you in the right direction:

  • Think about your titles carefully
  • Don’t forget to include your metadata, keywords and alt text
  • Pay close attention to the size of your files
  • Have a good video transcript to make search engines find your visual content quickly
  • You can even host the video on your site and not just on YouTube
  • Always try to be as unique as possible, and make your blog’s visual content easily shareable.

seo2 - How To Grow Your Company Online With SEO

Concentrate On Topic Depth Instead of Backlinks

Having several links to increase your ranking in Google is now an ‘old school’ type of practice. Nowadays, getting a high ranking on Google hardly depends on the number of backlinks that you decide to use. Instead, it all depends on the depth of your topic. Recent studies by MarketMuse showed some rather impressive results.

The company ran a test between two groups. They analysed words of close to nine million from with just 1.5 thousand backlinks. Interestingly, it outranked which had 31 thousand backlinks because had more engaging and in-depth content for its users.

Always Update Your Online Footprint

Your online presence does wonders for your site. However, the problem is that most of us often forget how a good online print may cover those platforms that we tried out in the past and then later abandoned. Yes, it is a good idea to experiment using brand new areas to improve your presence. You only need to make sure that you keep updating them even if you’re not using them.

Let’s say you own a page on Google+ but for some reason, you’ve stopped using it, or you keep forgetting to post. In such cases, you should be asking yourself one fundamental question. Is the information accurate enough to assist users in learning more about your company?

To help you in updating your online footprint, we’ve discovered a simple method. All you have to do is to come up with a simple spreadsheet that takes care of your entire online presence. After a month, you can then check if the data is fully updated.


Acknowledging the above reasons, you can see that increasing traffic to your blog through SEO is not a stressful experience. Keep in mind that the internet keeps changing and the methods we used one year ago are not the same one’s existing today, or that will exist a year from now.

Have you been struggling with boosting your website’s ranking? These proven, modern day tips can give your site a good kick!

Blog7 - 5 ways to keep your employees motivated

5 ways to keep your employees motivated

Employees are the centre of each business, and it’s time for managers to realise this. Every day their hard work and efforts help run different aspects of a company. But it is how they keep up that hard work throughout the year that is most important. In the age of smart phones and social media, employee motivation is needed now more than ever.

But it is how you continue to keep your employees motivated that counts. It is an issue almost every company has to deal with whether you’re a local store or one of the industry leading stainless steel banding suppliers. Don’t just hold out for that massive Christmas bash at the end of the year where everyone always has a bit too much to drink as something for staff to look forward to. Here are some ideas to get the most out of your workers and keep them motivated throughout the year:

Team Building Days

Take your employees out of their usual office environment and move them to a different setting for the day. Team building days allow staff to work together in groups where they are all striving for the same goal, this is a great way to keep your workforce in high spirits. It can bring together people from different departments and give employees something to look forward to.

team1 - 5 ways to keep your employees motivated

Away from the challenge, team building days are useful for managers for finding out each member of staff’s strengths and weaknesses. But can also address any tension that there may be between staff members within the workforce.

Why not consider doing something fun and energetic to keep morale high? For example, paintballing, go carting, or even outdoor activity days involving sports always go down well. If you don’t fancy an action packed day out, keep it sophisticated with a night at the theatre, a day at the races or even a hospitality lunch? Something simple like trying that new restaurant or bar in town will make your employees feel valued and appreciate you as a manager.


Having an incentive in place gives everyone a boost of motivation. Whether the target be set over a week, a month or a year, it will benefit both you and your employees by having something to work towards.

Obviously it is up to you what you choose the incentive to be. Most importantly, it has got to be something that will motivate your staff to provide the best results, otherwise it is a waste. Passing on praise when someone has done well can go a long way. But the most popular motivation is a money based bonus scheme. Placing a money incentive into the minds of your staff will more often than not inspire your employees to work hard giving you and your company the best results.

Why not try a companywide bonus scheme and break it up between individual departments? That way each group can collectively come together as a team to reach their goal. If some members are not pulling their weight, they can pick each other up and unite as a group. A company or group based goal ensures that everyone is getting something to look forward to, and you are getting the best out of your staff.

Introducing something simple like Friday lunches, where you can buy in food for your staff at the end of the week, or even renewing the coffee machine that has been playing up for months, can boost morale and motivate people to stay focused. Surprising as it may sound, not everyone is motivated by money, and sometimes a small praise or working within a nice environment with a good level of trust is motivational enough.

Open door policy

As a manager, it is essential to always make time for your employees. Having an open door policy means that members of staff can step forward and have a chat addressing any issues they may have in the workplace, without getting other people involved. It is important that staff feel comfortable around you, but also keep a level of confidentiality.

team2 - 5 ways to keep your employees motivated

Encourage staff to share thoughts and ideas with you. This can make them feel like they are bringing value to the business. It can also give them a boost of confidence as they have ownership over their own ideas and projects. After all, staff are going to look up to you as an authority figure and when you know employees are on your side too, they will continue to work hard. Communication skills are key.

Set Targets & Goals

Having clear targets to aim for sets the direction of the company and allows you to get the best out of your staff. Let’s say if you are a small load securing Systems Company, and your goal is to sell 20,000 rolls of stainless steel wrapping in a year, such a big figure could seem quite daunting in January. But if you break this up and divide the figure into quarters, this can make the goal seem much more achievable.

When your targets are achieved, your workforce will remain highly motivated moving into the next quarter, ready to do it again. If you maybe fall short, or just miss out on the target, all is not lost. You can make a plan on how to improve in the next quarter, giving staff a fresh piece of mind and they can focus on bettering their goal in the next quarter.

Keep your staff involved

Involving staff on what is going on with the company can also provide a level of value. Organise a quarterly meeting with all employees to keep them up to date with what is going on and what is to come in the company. Show off some of the figures to indicate how each department is doing and if they are reaching their targets. If the company is doing well, staff can take a step back to see what their hard earned work has done and motivate them to continue to do bigger and better things for the business.

team3 - 5 ways to keep your employees motivated

No matter if your company is big or small, or if you have 5 staff or 55, you have to make each one of them feel valued and motivate them to perform in work every day. Create an attractive work environment. Keep staff motivated and yearning for results and all the best things can happen for your business.

Blog8 - Top 5 Ways to show your Employees you Care

Top 5 Ways to show your Employees you Care

Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, so valuing them – and ensuring they know that they are valued – is vital to your success. Employees who feel supported are far more likely to be motivated, leading to a happier and more productive workforce overall.

Feeling valued within an organisation is also a key factor when employees decide whether to change job, so creating a caring atmosphere can also help to retain talented staff. This atmosphere can be created in myriad small ways, but below are five key areas in which an employer can show that they care about their employees.

  1. Recognition

Acknowledging the good work your employees do is a simple but crucial way to make sure they feel supported. Recognition does not have to take the form of monetary reward – in fact, simple verbal acknowledgement is usually reward enough. You might also consider creating an employee of the month – or week – award, so that team members who have particularly excelled themselves recently are constantly being celebrated.

Recognition does not always have to come from managerial staff, and peers should be encouraged to frequently compliment each other on work well done. This will encourage a mutually supportive team atmosphere to emerge, as well as ensuring that recognition is frequent, ensuring that employees know their contributions to the organisation are valued.te1 - Top 5 Ways to show your Employees you Care

  1. Ask for Feedback

Although this can be difficult – both logistically and emotionally! – having an effective feedback loop between employer and employee is vital to create a work environment in which employees feel valued.

Meeting employees individually to ask what they like and dislike about their roles can be a simple but valuable way to receive feedback, which can be acted upon where possible to improve employee satisfaction. Allowing anonymous feedback can be especially valuable for employees who might be embarrassed to address their concerns to you directly, and can be facilitated by something as simple as a suggestions box in the workspace.

Taking the time to ask employees for their thoughts and, vitally, acting on them, is a really effective way to demonstrate that you care about your workforce.

  1. Consider Employee’s personal Finances

Consumer debt is increasingly a problem, especially as living costs continue to rise. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) recently found that average household debt in the UK stands at £13,200. Personal debt is likely to be a concern of some of your employees, and could even be affecting their performance.

Employees struggling with debt may display signs such as increased anxiety, taking on extra hours or a second job, having poor eating habits, or experiencing insomnia. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do as an employer to support employees who might be going through this difficult experience.

Firstly, although many employees might not want to talk about their debt in the workplace, ensuring that they have the option can help lift some of the weight from their mind.

Education on the issues surrounding debt can also be beneficial. You could consider having an expert in to talk to your employees about the effects debt can have in the workplace, and what options are available to people who are struggling. Simply educating your employees about solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). Formal solutions such as this allow people who are struggling with debt to make affordable monthly repayments, and write off a significant portion at the end of their plan.te2 - Top 5 Ways to show your Employees you Care

  1. Create a positive Environment

Creating a positive working environment is a simple way to show employees that you care about their wellbeing. The workspace does not have to cost the earth, but should be well maintained and equipped with everything your employees need to effectively do their job.

Having a separate room for breaks is crucial – especially for work spaces in which employees interact with the public.

Atmosphere is also an important part of the work environment – conflict can easily lead to an uncomfortable place to work, so ensuring that any issues between employees are quickly resolved is essential. This positive atmosphere will be fostered by the peer recognition mentioned earlier – a supportive and comfortable working environment ensures employees feel valued.

  1. Opportunities for Training or Promotion

This is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring that employees stay with your company in the long term. Employees should receive adequate training when they begin their role, communicated clearly. It is also essential that employees feel able to ask questions at any point.

te3 - Top 5 Ways to show your Employees you Care

Opportunities for further training, or promotion, also shows that an employer cares about their employees, since it demonstrates their willingness to invest in the employee’s future as an individual. In the same vein, current employees should be considered for promotion before new openings in the company are advertised externally. The possibility of promotion is an excellent motivator, as well as demonstrating that an employer cares about their employee’s career holistically, rather than keeping them stuck in a single role.

By following these steps, employers can show their employees how valuable they are to the organisation, creating a comfortable and positive atmosphere in which achievements are recognised, and concerns addressed. Properly supported employees are likely to be at their most productive, so taking the time to create a supportive workplace benefits both employer and employee.

Blog9 - Startups And Initial Capital Outlays

Startups And Initial Capital Outlays

No two businesses are alike even if both belong to the same industry.  This is because each going concern has specific requirements and that includes the amount of capital it needs to operate.

So how do you go about determining the amount of capital your startup needs?  What should you do first and foremost?

The first step is to come up with a checklist of all items (big or small) required by your business.   Use info found on the web or from other reliable sources to have an idea on how much each item costs.  Do not skip this step because mere estimating without proper research could lead to disaster.  Prospective financiers might pass up on your funding application if they see that the numbers you are presenting are not close to what’s real.

img2 - Startups And Initial Capital Outlays

As a startup, you’re understandably cautious about your initial capital outlay.  You’ll want to get by with the least amount of capital without compromising your business.  Every item you buy must be carefully thought out.  Buy the “needs” and put off the “wants” for now.

Blog10 - Securing Data In The Work Place

Securing Data In The Work Place

Security breaches do happen even within organizations where security codes are the hardest to break.   How do you ensure that your most valuable data is 100% secure?

Make everyone accountable

Raising awareness about the dangers of laxity regarding data safety is a good measure.  However, holding everyone accountable seems more effective according to some surveys.  Try to create a system where staff can update, report, or caution others about the latest security breaches happening around the corporate scene.

server - Securing Data In The Work Place

Check your systems and processes for any lapses

Work hand in hand with every department to find out if there are any security gaps that might have gone unnoticed.  Involve every unit – marketing, sales, admin, finance, personnel, your IT Support Glasgow company, and others when scouting for lapses.  While you’re at it, make sure your communication lines are open and that the company is serious about it.

 Do a risk evaluation

One of the tops must dos is to be able to pinpoint your weaknesses. Also, be able to identify your most important assets. This alone will help you ward off threats to cyber security.